A school where everyone feels at home.

Our Values


We are honest with each other, we don’t pretend or act. We experience joy, awe, worry, and thrill. We get emotional, we feel regret, pain and anger.
There are no bad emotions.
We’re all human.


We treat each other with respect, regardless of our role in the school and our age.


We are all equal and worthy. It’s an obvious thing, but it does need to be emphasised sometimes.


We ensure that we build true, honest and deep relations within our community. Relationships based upon our own choices and mutual trust. We talk about anything or we just sit together in silense. There are no stupid questions and nothing is taboo.

We put our hearts into creating a good, warm and safe space for the children, the parents and for ourselves.

We are a tight-knit team; we’ve worked together for three years (until recently, we were the ones who formed Jaskółka). We have had interesting and exciting experiences, felt a rainbow of emotions and made lots of memories.

We cannot wait to make plenty of new ones.

Join us!

How others see us

I was a volunteer with this staff for one year. While my specific job was to teach English, the staff encouraged me to be creative and use informal ways of teaching, as well as expanding the topics of discussion in order to make the lessons as interesting and relevant for the children as possible. Working with the teachers here has been a life-changing experience, as their devotion and hard work is inspiring. Likewise, the difference one year made in the lives of the children was clear: they became more confident and more in control of their emotions and behavior. I have no doubt that the staff will continue to help children thrive and grow.
Ioana Maria Pavel, Romania - Volunteer

purp thumbs up

Hello! Im Alberto, from Spain, and I had the chance to work with the professional teachers who are going to take part in this new school. I was a volunteer of the project EVS, financed by Erasmus +. My experience there was quite enriching and the way they approach the educational method is innovative and different from the conventional and traditional one. I was always comfortable with the way of working and with the staff. I have no doubt it will be a great place to educate the new generations.
Alberto Padilla, Spain - Volunteer

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Not being a teacher myself, coming from art history and the arts realm, and working within the team as an English teacher assistant and a helper, my goal was to challenge myself into communicate with the students, being open to learn from them while trying to teach them into empathise with each other, accepting foreign cultures and different personal backgrounds. The team incites for a community-driven democratic thinking where everyone has a saying, and discussion and dialogue are everyday exercises. Informal teaching techniques and a direct contact with nature are encouraged thus resulting into a creative environment for the upbringing of strong and free willed youngsters.
Madalena Galvão, Portugal - Volunteer

An amazing, young and very knowledgeable team of educators has helped to identify the children's strengths. The staff celebrated their pupils' successes and, in their tougher moments supported them and motivated them to seek knowledge. Thanks to the team's individual approach to each of the children, learning was a wonderful adventure. They showed them how to be a good & wise person, and taught them that failures can teach them something positive. I recommend this school to all the undecided. Cheers, Andrzej Śledź - a student's father

translation from Polish by Ania Hazik

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Incredible, how the staff could see a human being in a child. A human with an individual story, emotions, talents and passions. How eagerly they created a space for the children to experience life, and not just to learn the theory... Hats off to the teachers for their approach and to the school's Principal for her openness.
Agnieszka Bonar - Sadulska, a pupil's mother

translation from Polish by Ania Hazik

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I came to Jaskółka with my two daughters. One of them is a classic snail; she has to work at her own pace, as when she's rushed - she stumbles, gets stuck and despairs. The other - a capricorn, a sensitive rebel, who needs a smile, a partnership, and to be understood. We fled the schools, in which the race for good grades was killing their personal development, in which my daughters felt unhappy, unworthy, inferior... We came across Jaskółka, where everything was different. The rat race was replaced with the focus on gaining knowledge and practical skills, acceptance of personalities, respect for individuality, and looking after personal development... A school with practically no stress, where students turn up because they enjoy being there. A school where both the teachers and the Principal, fully professional and involved, are friends with the children, whom they respect. While not ignoring any existing issues, they focus on their pupils' strengths and on what motivates them. I recommend Galileo to all those whose dream for their children is something more than the corporate world or the rate race. Galileo - as it is the continuation of the school I am describing..
Mirek Lasota, father of two pupils

translation from Polish by Ania Hazik